Jiya Shankar, a well-known Indian actress who has appeared in TV and films, has gained considerable attention lately as a Bigg Boss OTT 2 participant. This article will provide all important information about Jiya, her net worth, bio, age, etc. 

    Jiya Shankar Age & Height

    The beautiful personality is 5.3 inches tall. Her adventures in the world of acting and modeling continue to be awe-inspiring for people and inspire a multitude of.

    Jiya Shankar Early Life

    Jiya Shankar, an Indian TV actress, has earned acclaim for her roles in various television programs. She is most well-known for her role in the role of “Susheela” Ruhail Solanki in “Kaatelal & Sons” and as Dr. Iravati “Ira” Pandey in “Meri Hanikarak Biwi.” Additionally, Jiya demonstrated her anchoring skills as a co-host of “Good Night India” on SAB TV’s program. She’s also branched out towards regional cinemas, playing in films of films from the South Indian and Marathi film industries. Jiya Shankar has enthralled viewers as a contestant on the digital reality “Bigg Boss OTT 2,” hosted by popular Salman Khan.

    Jiya Shankar, born in Mumbai on 17 April 1995, was determined to be an actor from a young age. Because of her reserved personality initially, she was hesitant about taking up the career. Jiya took an online marketing course initially but then quit. She then enrolled at the famous Anupam Kher Acting Institute in Mumbai to pursue a degree in acting since she wanted to pursue her dream.

    Jiya Shankar’s maternal grandmother, Surekha Gavli, is a beautician; however, information on her father’s name is rare. Jiya’s parents split when she was just thirteen years old.

    At 16, she started her journey of auditions for television and film. Jiya Shankar appeared as a guest in numerous television shows before becoming a prominent figure in the field. But, her performance in the Telugu film “Entha Andanga Unnave” propelled her to fame. Jiya was later seen in several Tamil and Telugu films, further establishing herself as a skilled local actor.

    Jiya Shankar Career

    Jiya Shankar began her career as a model and TV actress. She began her acting career in Entha Andanga Unnave Telugu Movie in 2013.

    Jia was the first to appear in the Tamil film industry in 2017 through the film Kanavu Variyam. In the film, she was in the role of Veena.

    The romantic drama “Ved” debuted on the screen in Marathi cinema. The film starred Jiya as Nisha Katkar, Satya’s ex-girlfriend.

    Her television career began in 2015 when she appeared on the romantic show on TV Love by Chance. This was the time he made her debut in the TV industry. Following this, she was featured on Gumrah: End of Innocence Season 4, MTV Big F, and the Meri Hanikarak Biwi television series the following year.

    In 2017 Jiya Shankar was part of a show titled “Meri Hanikarak Biwi,” which had a unique and fascinating storyline. The show was comedic. It was about an innocent boy who had to undergo sterilization. Jiya was a fan of the show and earned lots of attention on television because of it.

    In 2020, Jiya became famous for her role on the television program ” Kaatelal & Sons,” in which she portrayed the lead role of a Haryanvi girl. Her Haryanvi speech captivated everyone, and viewers were awed by her character alongside Paras Arora. In 2022 she entered the Marathi film industry through the film ” Ved,” where she played the role of Ritesh Deshmukh’s ex-girlfriend named Nisha.

    In the present (2023), Jiya Shankar is a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. And fans admire her work within The BB house. Only a few hours remain to watch the BB OTT 2 finale, and the fact that she’s still in the house demonstrates how powerful and well-known she is.

    Jiya Shankar Net Worth

    Jiya Shankar, the talented and versatile actress who has made waves in the world of entertainment, has impressed viewers with her amazing performances and accumulated significant wealth. With her popularity continuing to increase, fans are naturally interested in Jiya Shankar’s worth as well as the financial success that she has attained. Let’s look into Jiya Shankar’s wealth and shine some light on her road to financial success.

    Although the precise figures could be speculated due to the artist’s earnings’ dynamism, it is widely accepted that Jiya Shankar has amassed significant wealth through her illustrious acting career. Her talent, dedication, and commitment to her art play a major role in her success in the financial realm.

    Jiya Shankar’s success began with her prominent TV appearances, where she earned critical acclaim and a large following. These early successes opened the door to numerous opportunities, which allowed Jiya to show her ability as an actress and establish her place within the industry.

    In addition to her acting career, Jiya has ventured into brand partnerships and endorsements, using her fame and influence to land lucrative contracts. Her partnerships with well-known brands and her social media presence have helped her achieve financial success and increased her net worth.


    In conclusion, Jiya Shankar’s journey from TV and films to becoming a notable participant in Bigg Boss OTT 2 reflects her versatility and determination. Her rise to fame, marked by impactful roles, showcases her talent and dedication. With a growing net worth and strategic ventures, Jiya’s influence in the entertainment industry continues to shine, captivating audiences and securing her place among India’s prominent actresses.

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