A well-known inspirational designer, Carla Diab established herself in the fashion industry with her unique designs and determination to succeed. When referring to names that took the style world on the rise, it’s never possible to forget about Carla Diab. The fashion-minded entrepreneur who has every invention she has made continues to leave her mark and influence many creatives positively. 

    We will explore her life and work in this piece and discuss her rise to fame, and business ventures.

    Carla Diab Early Life

    Carla Diab was born and raised in Rocky River, Ohio, in the United States. Her journey started with humble beginnings. She was a student at Rocky River High School for her education. She completed her studies in 2016 and then enrolled at Cleveland State as Finance Major. 

    In addition, she started appearing on reality TV shows which further contributed to her popularity and wealth. Despite all her success, Carla Diab is known for her charitable work and dedication to helping charitable causes. She is a multi-talented personality dedicated towards her profession. This quality has earned her the respect of her fans.

    Additionally, she employed herself at an assisted-living facility catering to elderly people and worked at Five Below as a Sales Associate. She accomplished all this while she was in college. On March 30, 2020, Cleveland awarded Carla Diab with the Awards of Excellence in Finance.

    Despite her accomplishments in the field, Diab has remained dedicated to pursuing her studies and keeping abreast of the latest trends and techniques of fashion and design.

    Is Carla Diab Dating Anyone?

    Carla Diab is not dating anyone. She married Tony Abou Jao Udeh, an actor and comedian. However, she kept the news about her marriage private. The media only got to know of the divorce. Moreover, she avoided being in a relationship with someone since her relationship with her ex-husband ended. The reality star of the year opened up about her relationship after she and the actor split up.

    Resilience and Adversity

    In her early twenties, Carla Diab lived in an asylum camp in Sudan. Due to the continuous civil conflict, she along with her family had to leave their home. Her mother was pregnant and they had to leave their house and other things behind. However, fortunately they were recognised as refugees in Canada and granted asylum in Toronto in 2006.

    Carla started doing odd jobs as she sought an opportunity to study English. She soon discovered that learning was the key to overcoming any obstacle life might throw before her. In 2009 she received her diploma from Ryerson University with a degree in marketing. This enabled her to begin her own company but also brought many difficulties.

    Even though she was a newcomer to the country of Canada, Carla quickly learned how to navigate bureaucracies and ways to make her successful. The business was booming, and she soon had many employees. After an economic downturn in 2008, many businesses suffered great losses including hers. From then, each day she worked hard  to make things better.

    Finally, her company in 2013 took off after many years of hard work and efforts. 

    Business Ventures

    You can see Carla Diab, a famous personality, got involved in various fashion-related ventures such as clothing stores, retail stores and fashion consultancy.

    “Carla Diab Couture”, one of her most well-known clothing lines, provides an array of high-end gowns and dresses. The brand also has an apparel line for swimming and collaborated with several design houses to create capsule collections.

    Carla has used her stylist and fashion designer abilities to create additional revenue streams that have substantially raised her net worth. Her clothing lines and collaborations with well-known brand names have increased her customer base and the potential of her earnings. She also interacts with clients more intimately because of her fashion-related consulting services, which have opened new sources of income.

    Carla Diab Net Worth

    The Lebanese comedian and host of a TV show Carla Diab has a net worth of around $5 million. Her main source of earnings from hosting various television shows. Carla earns about $100,000 per month.

    Also, Carla earns considerable money by promoting different brands through her Instagram account. For instance, in October 2022, Carla advertised her fitness company “fat2fit”. She said the fitness program was the perfect solution for slimming down, fantastic skin tightening and more toned.

    Another source of income to Carla Diab is the eponymous fashion label she introduced at the beginning of 2000, which is well-known for its elegant and refined designs made of top-quality materials.


    Carla Diab rapid rise in fashion proves her extraordinary ability and unwavering commitment. Her innovative and bold designs have impressed fashionistas across the globe, leaving an unforgettable impression on the fashion industry. Carla has become a major international player in her quest to continue pushing limits and revolutionizing fashion.

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