Gabriella nwamaka took her first breath on this planet on some special day which is still not known and is not revealed yet. She can be defined as the only daughter of the former Anambra related Governor of the state concerned, Peter Obi and his hitched partner Margaret Brownson. She emerged along with her only younger brother Peter Oseloku Obi who is linked in the origins of the entity of England.

    Her father follows the profession of not only a wealthy and much popularised politician, but also comes out to play the role of a successful Entrepreneur.

    Gabriella nwamaka Biography

    Peter Gregory Obi is believed to be a sensation to the Nigerians within the name itself that will never be forgotten in some years to come due to his influence in the political based ideologies of the country of Nigeria.

    Peter Obi can be stated as a two-term former governor of the particular State of Anambra and recently the Labour Party candidate for President of Nigeria in the presidential voting place that took place in the ongoing year itself. 

    Surely, also a huge number of the native people, would like to know what they can about this politician and also regarding his family, specifically his daughter. 

    Gabriella Nwamaka Frances Obi exists as the one and only little girl of Peter Obi and his wife Margaret Brownson. She also bears a brother known as Peter Oseloku Obi, and they are currently the emergent children of their dad, Peter Obi.

    In the particular year of 2022, Gabriella Obi got hitched to an individual namely Chukwuma Okeke Ojiudu, who follows the profession of a commerce man and supervisor relating to the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board. The primitive hitching tradition was held in Agulu, Anambra state, it is within the scenes of the public eye. 

    Gabriella nwamaka Educational qualifications

    Gabriella is identified as a graduate or basically a girl with her pursuing her degree in associated fields from a renowned university. 

    Gabriella nwamaka Profession

    Gabriella Obi can be described as a hardworking woman who doesn’t rely on her father’s wealth but instead works as a teacher within a secondary educational institution in the origins of the entity based in Lagos.

    Gabriella nwamaka Social media

    Her presence in the world of social media is still kept hidden and is not known. 

    Gabriella nwamaka Net worth

    Calculating from her occupation of a mentor, her net worth is also not being unveiled and is not known. 


    This is rightly said that you can do something of your own and pursue your dreams regardless of the fact that your parents are way too rich or poor. Gabriella Nwamaka Frances is truly an inspiration for the world who just pursued her dreams despite the fact that her dad was a rich man. She never relied on the wealth of her dad and made a career out of her own knowledge and skills which is truly a great achievement.