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Callie Haverda: Popular American TV Actress


Callie is a famous American TV entertainer, known for her jobs in That 90s show. Haverda has likewise acted in a few component films, some of which are The Lost Spouse, The Experiences of Pepper and Paula, The Eleven Little Chickens, and so forth. Callie Haverda is a VIP brought into the world in Austin, TX on February 22, 2007.

Callie’s Bio

She is 16 years of age starting around 2023 and is an American in the beginning. Her complete name is Callie Trust Haverda. She concentrated in Westwood Secondary School. She uncovered that it was her kin who presented her to the place that known for movies and talkies and furthermore acquainted her with an office. Callie has a sister named Haley Haverda and two twin siblings by the names, Carson Haverda and Corey Haverda. Callie is the most youthful of the part.

Callie’s Early Life

Callie has expressed that her folks held up till she was six to tell her anything about the business. She very safeguarded and protected before she entered the universe of Hollywood. She got going her profession as Youthful Mary in Paper Memory. Then, at that point, she featured The Experiences of Pepper and Paula in 2015.

Callie Haverda’s Professional carrier

She has been a kid entertainer and begun genuinely youthful. Mindy Raymond and Alexandria DeBerry have likewise found in the film The Undertakings of Pepper and Paula which is fundamentally a variation of the genuine accounts of Gun Pressing Paula and her pet, a canine named Pepper. This acquired her the principal status as a superstar.

As she grew up, she began acting in other series and shows too. She featured in one episode of The Eleven Little Chickens in 2017. This trailed by her acting in Shut Eye as Lala Imprints. In 2020, Haverda featured in the Netflix highlight, The Lost Spouse, where she assumed the part of Abby Moran, a very huge person. She has likewise projected in that 90’s show as Leia Forman. She acts close by Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Donovan, Reyn Doi, Sam Morelos, and inverse Kurtwood Smith.

Callie Social Media

Callie at present lives in CA, in Burbank. She addressed by a few organizations including Worldview Ability, Schuller Ability, and LA Ability Office. Callie likewise has an extremely persuasive virtual entertainment presence and is a developing fan on Instagram and Twitter. She additionally has an approaching presence in TikTok, which is fundamentally every adolescent’s news channel right now.


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