An actress and stunt performer from Canada, Wanda Ferraton has appeared in a number of motion pictures and television programmes. As the spouse of former professional wrestler and football star Bill Goldberg, she is also well-known.

    Wanda Ferraton Age

    Wanda was born in 1970 that makes her 53 years old in 2023. Being born with the Ferraton title she has added Goldberg at the end of her name. This results in Wanda Ferraton Goldberg.

    Education and the early years

    Early in the 1970s, Saskatchewan, Canada, gave birth to Wanda Ferraton. Of Allan Ferraton and Gwen Ferraton’s five children, she is the youngest. Little is known about her academic history, other than the fact that she attended a nearby school in her hometown.

    Wanda Ferraton Biography

    A professional stunt woman and a beautiful actress who was born in Canada is now married to popular wrestler Bill Goldberg. The couple has been married for the last 18 years and have a beautiful and successful marriage. Ferraton was born i n 1970. Later, completed her schooling, then graduation and later pursued her career in acting. After it, she tried to put her skills as a stunt woman that even built her career. She got popular in this field. Furthermore, she got married to famous wrestler Bill Goldberg who doesn’t even require any introduction.

    A career as an actress and a stuntwoman

    Wanda Ferraton Career

    When Ferraton made her acting debut in the 2000 film Skipped Parts, she began a career as a stuntwoman. She has since performed stunts for a variety of other films, including Texas Rangers, Viva Las Nowhere, Speaking of Sex, The Unsaid, Ararat, Johnson County War, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, Caught in the Headlights, Santa’s Slay, and Half Past Dead 2. She also played little acting parts in some of these films.

    Ferraton served as a TV host for a 2017 WrestleMania 33 TV special. In 2019, she and her husband showcased their automobile collection in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

    Marriage with Bill Goldberg and Family Life

    In 2004, while both were working on the film Santa’s Slay, Wanda Ferraton met Bill Goldberg. Goldberg portrayed Santa Claus, who goes on a murdering spree after receiving an angel’s curse. For a few scenes, Ferraton served as his stunt double.

    In a private ceremony with only their closest friends and family present, the pair wed on April 10, 2005, after falling in love. Gauge A.J. Goldberg, their son, was born on May 10, 2006, and is named after them.

    In the world of wrestling and sports, Bill Goldberg is a well-known figure. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, he was born on December 27, 1966. The Los Angeles Rams selected him in the 1990 NFL Draft after he played collegiate football for the University of Georgia. Prior to his retirement from football in 1995, he additionally played for the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers.

    After that, Goldberg pursued a career in professional wrestling and, in 1997, he debuted with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). After capturing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, and WCW World Tag Team Championship, he rose to prominence as one of the most renowned and dominant wrestlers of his day. Additionally, he had a 173-match winning run.

    In 2001, Goldberg departed WCW, and in 2003, he switched to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Prior to departing from WWE in 2004, he claimed the World Heavyweight Championship once. In 2016, he rejoined the WWE and competed against The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Kevin Owens multiple times. Currently, he works as a part-time wrestler for WWE.    

    In addition, Goldberg has made various film and television appearances, including The Goldbergs, Universal Soldier: The Return, The Longest Yard, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Kill Speed, and Check Point.

    Wanda Ferraton Physical Appearance

    Wanda has a good height of 162 cm with weight of 60 Kilograms. She is of white ethnicity with blonde hair and flawless skin. She is charming, beautiful, and charming that has attracted many people while she was publicly working. She has always been a body conscious actress who took care of her diet.

    Wanda Ferraton Family

    Wanda Ferraton was born in a catholic family and later married to a popular catholic wrestler. Her parents were Gwen and Allen Ferraton who used to be farmers. Her family had 6 members with 4 children. Wanda is the second youngest child. Later, when she got married to Bill in 2005, the couple blessed with a baby boy in 2006 whom they named Gage Goldberg.

    Net Worth 

    Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton have been married for more than 15 years, and they share a $2.5 million luxury home. They each have multiple dogs and horses, and they both love animals. They also assist numerous nonprofit groups and causes.

    Interesting Facts about Wenda Ferraton

    • She is a great animal supporter and an animal lover.
    • She seems active on social media platforms.
    • She uploads many pictures of her with animals.
    • She loves to be diet conscious, as a result she has a slim and athletic body.
    • She used to visit the gym regularly.

    Final words

    Finally, Wanda Ferraton’s career as a stuntwoman and actor has had a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. She has gained great popularity for a variety of reasons, including her compelling roles in numerous films and TV shows and her position as the adored wife of the well-known Bill Goldberg. Aspiring performers continue to be motivated by Wanda’s efforts because of her talent and commitment, which have made her a well-known personality in the profession. We anxiously anticipate Wanda Ferraton’s upcoming endeavours as her career develops and look forward to reading about her outstanding life’s work in its next chapter.Also read a lot about Murphy Claire Levesque. Murphy Claire Levesque’s birth date is July 28, 2008, in the United States.

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